Individual psychotherapy

Each client has their own unique story and their own unique needs.  These can range from an individual crisis to addressing longstanding and complicated problems.

Successful psychotherapy, no matter what methods are used, depends on the strength of the relationship between therapist and client. I believe in empowering clients through education and collaboration.  We will work together to establish goals that fit you.  If you need short term therapy to address a specific crisis, I can offer a solution-focused approach.  Oftentimes, problems are complex,  and require a more extended therapy, focusing both on helping you understand and change behavior and emotional patterns that are holding you back.

Relationship psychotherapy

When our intimate relationships aren’t going well, it can be very distressing. Frequent conflict, sexual desire differences, financial issues, and children are some of the many problems partners might face.  I can help you find a way to forge your own solutions to problems.  These solutions can take many forms, including the decision that the relationship cannot continue in its present form.

Not all relationship issues involve just two people.  If you are in a non-monogamous relationship,  I will work with all partners involved.

In addition, not all close relationships involve familial, romantic or sexual ties.  I also can help you find your way through those relationships.